Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teen Program: Reading Challenge

This is a fun, low-cost program that will have your teens talking, blogging and sharing reads!

The "challenge" aspect of this program makes it driven by an individual desire to participate, not by the desire to win a prize, so there is no monetary cost associated with this program.  When designing this challenge make sure to create gender neutral objectives that can be adapted to a variety of reading styles/levels.

Here are some ideas for a 10 Week Reading Challenge
Week 1: Read something blue
Week 2: Read something OTHER than a book
Week 3: Read outside
Week 4: Read a poem
Week 5: Read something without words
Week 6: Read something funny
Week 7: Read something solid
Week 8: Read something active
Week 9: Read a play
Week 10: Read at random

Using whichever Social Media works best for you (Twitter, Blogging, Tumblr, Facebook etc) to promote this program.  Have teens submit what they've read for each objective and watch the communication unfold.  Don't be afraid to start the discussion for each objective.

Before you start: If you want your teens more involved in the planning stages get them to submit ideas for possible challenge objectives.

Good Luck and Good Reading!