Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review: 'Everneath' by Brodi Ashton

Nikki has been gone for a centery in the Underworld though only months have passed on the Surface.  She spent one hundred years trapped in a shadowy embrace with Cole who supports his immortality by Feeding off of mortals' emotions and destroying their memories.  When the Feed ends the mindless husks of the mortals are sent to the Tunnels to power the world of Everneath.  But Nikki remembers something of her former life and chooses to Return, even knowing that her time on the Surface is limited.  The Shades who control the Tunnels will eventually track and drag her down.  But how do you begin to say goodbye to a life you barely remember?

Brodi Ashton's world is a clever blend of mythology and fantasy that will intrigue readers but ultimatly left me feeling a little cheated.  A love triangle exists between Cole, Nikki and her ex-boyfriend Jack.  The problem for the reader is that, as a result of her time being in the Underworld, she doesn't really remember her life or her love.  The longer she remains on the Surface the more emotion she gains, but the reader has a hard time connecting since there isn't much emotion behind the thoughts.  I actually found myself rooting for Cole who is supposed to be the villian of the novel simply because Nikki was able to generate a greater emotional response to his machinations.  Maybe I'm overthinking the story.  In general this is an original story and is well written.  I can see teen readers enjoying this novel if not obsessing over it.

On a side note: I LOVE the cover art!

Book Source: Blue Willow Bookshop
Review by: Rebecca
Recommended Ages: 12+ The characters are high school students but there is nothing overly objectionable.

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