Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Programs: Window "Shopping" for Ideas

If you are anything like me, you sometimes have trouble coming up with the next great "Teen Program Idea".  Some days it feels as though all my creativity is gone and I can think of nothing more imaginative that pulling out the Wii or turning on a movie for my teens.  (While there is nothing wrong with the occasional arcade or movie day I don't think they make a very good foundation for teen programming simply because they do not require that teens use their own imagination.) 

What do I do to find inspiration when I'm completely brain dead?

I go window "shopping"!

I've found that Etsy & Pinterest are some of the best resources out there for getting your own creative juices flowing.  Clicking through Etsy stores and items often inspires me to adapt a craft or project for my own purposes.  Same with Pinterest - I even have a board 'Teen Program Ideas' where I gather ideas for future teen events.

So if you are having an off day and need program inspiration A.S.A.P. those are two places I totally recommend.

More YA Librarian Resources coming your way this week so check back soon!