Readers' Advisory

All bookmark files are located here.

A Darker Side
Art A Love It
As You Like It - TV Edition
Dystopia Rising
Enduring Classics
Fractured Reality
Guy Reads - High School
Guy Reads - Middle Grade
Mystery & Mayhem
Rainbow Reads (LGBTQ)
TBR 2012
Teen Grit
We've Got Issues
Yes I'm Reading This 2013
**Bookmarks are double-sided & designed to fit onto regular Letter Size Cardstock.**
**All bookmark files are PDF.**

All book poster files are located here.

Art-A-Love-It (10/12)
Books with Bite (10/12)
Creepy Reads for Teens (10/13)
Darker Side: Gothic Reads (10/13)
Dewey 101 (11/13) - size 5"x30"
Dystopia Rising 2.0 (10/12)
Edge of the Map (9/13)
Guy Reads (12/13)
Historically Speaking 2.0 (10/13)
Horror Of It All 2.0 (10/12)
Legendary Reads (9/13)
LGBTQ Reads (10/13)
Mystery & Mayhem (12/13)
Nerd Herd (9/13)
Rainbow Reads (12/13)
Undead Reads (07/13)
We've Got Issues (12/12)
**All book posters were originally created for posters sized 14"x20".**
**All bookmark files are JPEG.**

If you have trouble with one of the files please contact me and I'll fix the problem.