Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Teen Program: Club Steampunk

Take your teens back in time to reinvent history with Club Steampunk!

I hosted this week-long program last summer and my teens had a blast. 
As always, please adapt the below programs to suit your library's needs.

What is Steampunk?
Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction/speculative fiction.  What would the world be like if Steam Power was the main source of energy?  Welcome to a world were in Victorian fashions reign and dirigibles roam the sky!


Project 1
Steampunk Goggles
Swim goggles, Fabric Tac, Scissors, Leather Scraps, Jacquard Fabric Paint (metallic), pencils, scrap paper, paint brushes, Exacto knives, heavy cardstock or cardboard to protect tables

There are perfect step-by-step instructions at
Encourage teens to put there own stamp on goggles by printing out images of different styles of steampunk goggles from cosplay.  I even had one teen boy create a "cyclops" goggle using a single lens.

Project 2
Clockwork Handkerchief
Plain white handkerchiefs (one for each person)*, needles, embroidery floss, fabric paints, pencils, newspaper to protect tables
*I found these at an outlet mall on clearance.

Teens can use either paint or needle & embroidery floss to decorate their own handkerchief.  (Some of them won't even know what one is!)  For embroidery instructions check here:

You could even make some plain handkerchiefs out of a dark, solid color then use gear and cog templates and bleach water spray bottle to bleach fun designs into the fabric. *I recommend doing this project outdoors because of possible damage to carpet and the smell.

Project 3
It’s All About Spats
Canvas (enough for 2 spats for everyone), buttons, needle, thread, Fabric Tac, Jacquard Fabric Paint

These are not for the faint-of-heart!  They are very difficult and time consuming, but look awesome when done.  Step-by-step instructions here:
I substituted canvas since it is a heavy, paintable fabric but you could use whatever you have at hand.

Project 4
Tiny Top Hats
Lots of duct tape in different colors, scissors, Exacto knife, ruler, cardboard OR see instructions for fabric hat supply list

For duct tape hats:
For fabric hats:

Project 5
Time Traveler’s Journal
Blank journals, scrapbook paper, ink pads, stamps, paint, pens, fabric scraps, glue, quotes, cog templates, and anything else you want to add for decoration purposes

Have teen decorate the covers of the journals to create the perfect place to document travels through time.