Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review: 'Girl in the Steel Corset' by Kady Cross

 Finley Jane knows she is no ordinary miss and when her employer's son attacks she defends herself with a strength she should never have been capable of. While fleeing the seen of the assault, Finley runs into Griffin King, leader of a motly band of teens whose special abilities are used in service to the Crown. Griffin and company take Finley in and begin to help her understand her unusual abilities, but she needs to learn quickly if she is to aid in defending the Queen against a nefarious plot.

The classic tale of Dr. Jeykl and Mr. Hyde gets a steampunked reboot sure to thrill readers.  Ms. Cross's world is wonderfully detailed and littered with interesting characters that readers will think about long after the novel is finished.  Finley is in intriguing mix of shy practicality and independence, while Griffin is debonair, mysterious and honorable.  (A girl could do a lot worse than have a crush on Griffin's character.)  A twist ending will have readers clamouring for the next novel, Girl in the Clockwork Color - which released this month!

On a side note: the cover art for this series is amazing!

Book Source: Local Library
Review by: Rebecca

Recommended Ages: 16+ Attempted sexual assault, violence, spycraft

Recommended for Readers of:
Gail Carriger
Scott Westerfeld
Catherine Fisher
Marissa Meyer