Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review: Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

Why be the sheep when you can be the wolf?

Ismae is the uneducated, unwanted daughter of a peasant who gives her in marriage to an abusive, superstitious pig farmer.  On her wedding night she is rescued from her new husband and smuggled to the convent of St. Mortain where novitiates are taught the art of death.  For the Sisters of St. Mortain are servants of the God of Death himself and act as His assassins.  Comfortable in her new life as a Daughter of Death, Ismae begins executing targets assigned by the Mother Superior in preparation for taking her vows and rising to the rank of full Sister.  But death is not as black and white as Ismae first believed and she begins to question her role as her newest assignments drags her deeper into Court plots and treasonous plans.

Medieval Brittany is given a dark and thrilling makeover in LaFever's first YA novel which will leave readers howling for more.  Readers will be able to relate to Ismae, for all that she has a rather blood thirsty personality.  Watching her grow from an instrument of vengeance into something more is rewarding and intriguing for the reader on both an intellectual and an emotional level.  Grave Mercy has a wonderful balance of political intrigue, mystery, action and romance and an opening chapter sure to hook any reader looking for a good book.  History, fantasy and medieval politics come together to draw readers into a world unlike any they have entered before.

This book is AMAZING!  I could not put it down and cannot wait to get my hands on the next volume.
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Recommended for Readers of:
Stephen Lawhead, Sharon Kay Penman, Orson Scott Card, Eleanor Updale