Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Passive Program: Reel Them In

If your library is anything like mine during the summer, it is an absolute madhouse with teens attending events, checking out books and using computers. Here's a passive program you can put together to reach out to your teens when they are hanging out in your teen area!*

Reel to Read - Celebrating the books that inspire the movies.

This summer has a slew of amazing titles that are based on books that can probably be found in your library. I have chosen SIX of these titles with Teen Appeal:

The Avengers - May 4
Snow White and the Huntsman - June 1
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer - June 22
Amazing Spiderman - July 3
Dark Knight Rises - July 20
The Bourne Legacy - August 3

Step 1: Fashion a display or create a poster in your YA Area.  Make sure to link the films back to the novels/graphic novel/fairytale where they were first created - mine looks something like this ---->

Step 2: Make a limited number of buttons for each movie release.

Step 3: As teens ask for the buttons hand them out (the limited number makes them special).

Step 4: Teens who collect all 6 buttons get a entered into a chance to win a fab bit o' SWAG!

Teens love buttons - especially when they have a neat quote or cool graphic.  Tailor your buttons to reflect each specific movie.  Since your buttons can also be used to promote library programs make sure that your library's name or logo appears on there somewhere.

Easy peasy! And, should you actually have some buttons left over, they can go into your Swag Stash for future giveaways.

*This program may even make sure that teens take the time to READ the signage you put up in the YA Area. :)