Monday, April 9, 2012

Final Countdown: Teen Book Con!

Which authors am I going to be GEEKING OUT over at this year's Teen Book Con?

Holly Black
Just finished White Cat and it was AMAZING!

Orson Scott Card
Favorite book by him is Enchantment.

Megan Crewe
Debut author who's book looks like a teen version of Cobra Event.

Gina Damico
Her main character, Lex, is niece to a Grim Reaper - what's not to love?

Lauren DeStefano

Dusty Higgins & Van Jensen
Vampire slaying puppet FTW.

Marissa Meyer
Cinder is one of my favorite recent reads - original, sassy and moving.

Jessica Spotswood
Have only read the first chapter of Born Wicked and am already in love!

Maggie Stiefvater
A true original - she takes traditional folklore and twists it into something new.

ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT!  Who are you thrilled about meeting?