Thursday, March 29, 2012

Teen Program: Interactive Labyrinth Screening

This is a great program that can be adapted to most films available for to libraries through movie licencing.  I am doing this program for my teens this summer featuring the 80s fantasy Labyrinth starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly.  The supply list below is specifically for a Labyrinth Interactive Screening, but you can adapt it to most films.

Gummy Worms
Party Poppers
Peaches (or peach flavored gummies)
Whoopie Cushions

The When & Where:

Scene: Sarah meets the worm with blue hair and red scarf
Action: Everyone says "I'm just a worm" in their best British accent and eats the Gummy Worms

Scene: The Fly Gang starts tossing heads about.
Action: Teens blow up balloons and toss them around the room (while staying seated).

Scene: The Bog of Eternal Stench
Action: Whoopie Cushions.  'Nough said.

Scene: Sarah bites into the peach Hoggle gives here.
Action: Everyone eats their peach/ peach gummy.

Scene: The Goblin Masquerade
Action: Done your mask and blow bubbles.

Scene: Sarah says "You have no power over me" in a rather surprised voice
Action: Everyone repeats "You have no power over me" 3 times

Scene: Party in Sarah's room
Action: Pop the party poppers

**If you've got an older crowd you can also play "spot Jarreth's codpiece" - winner gets a container of glitter.