Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: Soulless, The Manga Volume 1

Soulless, The Manga Volume 1
by Gail Carriger, Art by Rem

Bottom line: It was AWESOME!

As you may know from a previous post I am a avid Carriger drone, so it is no surprise that I was at her signing at Murder by the Book in Houston on March 2, 2012.  I had deliberately delayed buying the manga when it first released in order to purchase it through Murder and get it signed by the lady herself.  While I am often sceptical of graphic novels based on text novels I had high hopes for Soulless - and I was not disappointed!

The humor, imagery and supernatural elements that make Carriger's novels so enjoyable is beautifully translated into the manga format by the artist Rem.  The detail in this adaptation is amazing - partly, I'm sure, because Ms. Carriger had such involvement in the manga production.  Can't wait for the Soulless, The Manga Volume 2.*

*Note: All Parasol Protectorate manga based on the Alexia novels will be titled Soulless Volume __

Rating: 5 Stars
Teen Gauge: Older Teens (16+)

Recommended For Readers Of:
Scott Westerfeld, Jim Butcher, Jane Austen, Philip Reeve