Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Teen Program: Eyebombing Contest

Looking for an easy, affordable program sure to be a hit with your teens? 
Try an EYEBOMBING Contest!

Eyebombing is a form of street art in which googly eyes are stuck on inanimate objects in the public space.  The object is to humanize the streets and bring a splash of whimsy to the lives of people.  Click here for more information.

Peel and stick googly eyes in various sizes

Over a period of time have your teens submit pictures of eyebombing they have created.  To get teens started have sheets of peel and stick googly eyes at the library with the rules stapled to the sheet.  Each teen gets one sheet of eyes.  Encourage your teens to get creative, but not destructive.  After the contest ends have staff or the public vote on the winner.

  1. Must use googly eyes, NOT stickers, to create eyebombing.
  2. Eyebombing must be done in a public place, NOT at home.
  3. Picture must be of the teens' own creation, NOT something they find.
  4. Must use peel and stick googly eyes NOT glue.