Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Bites - Teen Valentine's Program

If your library is anything like mine, finding programs that appeal to teens and will draw them in during the school year is rather difficult.  February is TAX SEASON at my branch, which means that the meeting room I use for Teen Programs is booked every Saturday through early April and I have to improvise on programming.  Usually I don't try to host programs during the week - the teens in my area are way over-programmed.  But I want to have at least one fun program in February, so here it is:

LOVE BITES: MOVIE & CHOCOLATE BAR - the perfect Valentine's Day event!

All you need is loads of chocolate and an appropriate movie.  I'm diverting from the actual "fanged" theme and going with an off-beat teen rom-com.  But you could really show anything as long as it isn't super sappy.

Chocolate Candy
Chocolate Spread
Chocolate Fountain (if you are feeling daring)
Fresh fruit in bite-sized pieces
Brownies... (You get the picture - CHOCOLATE!)
Movie & Place project film*

*Make sure you have the appropriate license to show the movie so you don't get in trouble with Big Brother.