Monday, March 10, 2014

Review: 'Spell Checkers, Volume 1' by Jamie S. Rich, Nicholas Hitori De & Joelle Jones

This graphic novel features three mean girls who are the Queen Bees of the school and who augment their power (abuse of the student body) with magic.

It is rare that I find a book with so little to praise.

Plot: Three mean girls find themselves divided and accusing each other when graffiti and rumors about each of them start to spread. There is nothing original here.

Characters: Jesse, Kimmie, and Cynthia are awful human beings to each other as well as to everyone around them. They are, frankly, stupid, ignorant and hateful. I know "mean girl" books are popular but please - this is ridiculous. Secondary characters have no depth, mostly because the story if room the witches' incredibly shallow point of view.

Language: The spell words are ridiculous. The witches' constantly slut-shame and insult each other. Other characters are equally insulting and derogatory.

Art: Illustration is about the only thing this graphic novel has going for it. The lines are clean, faces expressive and the characters drawn with enough individuality to allow of easy visual distinction.

Unfortunately, Spell Checkers has nothing else to offer. I can't recommend this one to any reader.