Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kick-Ass Femmes in YA Literature - Part 3

Scarlet of Marissa Meyer's Scarlet
Book 2 of the Lunar Chronicles

Scarlet's grandmother disappears without a trace and the police refuse to investigate citing her grandmother's odd nature.  Undeterred, Scarlet begins tracking down her grandmother's whereabouts with the assistance of the strangely intriguing fighter, Wolf.  Little does Scarlet know that the trail will land both Scarlet and Wolf at the center of an interplanetary war.

Traits: Loving, Curious, Insightful, Accepting
Danielle of Lauren Roedy Vaughn's OCD, The Dude and Me

Danielle doesn't fit in.  Which doesn't really bother her - she likes keeping people at a distance, but does land her in a social skills class where she meets Daniel, a boy who is determined to know the real Danielle.

Traits: Original, Quirky, Free-spirited, Thoughtful
Addison of Kasie West's Pivot Point

When faced with a choice, Addison has the unique ability to see the futures attached to each decision.  After her parents announce they are getting a divorce and Addison much choose which parent to live with, she uses her ability to view the results of her choice.  No matter which choice Addison makes, she will lose someone dear to her.  Which choice would you make?

Traits: Insightful, Loyal, Independent, Friendly
Mary Shelley of Cat Winter's In the Shadow of Blackbirds

America 1918; the height of the Spanish Influenza pandemic. Dead line the streets and Spirit Photography and seances prey on the grieving. Mary Shelley doesn't believe in Spiritualism or that the dead really can commune with the living.  But logic and reason are hard to hold onto when you are haunted.

Traits: Scientifically Minded, Curious, Logical, Thoughtful
Juliet of Megan Shepherd's The Madman's Daughter

Daughter of the infamous Dr. Moreau, Juliet is barely surviving when she discovers that her father is actually alive and in hiding on an island in the South Pacific. Finagling passage to the island, Juliet comes face to face with the horror of Moreau's madness.

Traits: Determined, Kind, Curious, Pragmatic

Who is YOUR favorite heroine?