Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Review: 'Immortal City' by Scott Speer

More than one hundred years ago angels revealed themselves to the human population and changed the way they performed their "miracles".  Now Guardian Angels offer Protection to anyone - if you can afford it.  Angels have become some of the riches beings on the planet and have become the new celebrities.  Instead of actors having stars on the Walk of Fame, angels get a star on what has become Angel Boulevard.  Jackson Godspeed is the most famous angel of his generation and the time for his Commissioning (when he becomes a Guardian Angel) is drawing close.  All he has ever wanted was to wear a Divine Ring and provide Protection.  But now something is hunting angels; leaving severed wings on Angel Boulevard and somehow the not-so-ordinary human teenager Maddy Montgomery is involved.

This novel has a LOT going on, but the pacing is a little strange and the first two-thirds seem to take twice as long to read - perhaps because Mr. Speer has created such a detailed world.  Jackson is wonderfully conceited without realizing it and the transition between the self-involved boy he starts as and the thoughtful young man he becomes is realistic.  Maddy's character is an interesting blend of confidence and insecurity that many a teenage girl will relate to and the fact that this mix wins her the heart of the hottest angel on the planet is sure to appeal as well.

Overall this is a decent first novel and there is potential for more novels set in this universe.  Readers looking for a quick paranormal read should find this one worthwhile.

Book Source: Local Library
Reviewer: Rebecca

Recommended Ages: 15+ Underage drinking, violence

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