Monday, August 13, 2012

Program: Blackout Poetry

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Blackout Poetry is an easy, creative way for your teens to express themselves while encouraging them to read newspaper articles or the pages of a book!

What you need:
Newspapers or Old Book Pages
Chisel Tip Permanent Markers in Black
Scrap paper

How to make a Blackout Poem?
Just have your teens read articles/pages writing down words that catch their eye on scratch paper.  Once they have the poem written all they need to do is go back through the article and black out the unnecessary words using a permanent marker.  If you want to make them super-clean looking scan the final image and touch up the blackout using photo software.

Use Blackout Poems in the Library!
- String photo copies of the poems across the lobby or Teen Area
- Have Blackout Poem contest
- Passive Program
- Poetry Month Program
- Pick several poems to feature in newsletters or promotional materials

Need more inspiration?
- Check out Austin Kleon's site.  He is the author of Steal Like an Artist and has some fabulous examples of Blackout Poems on his blog.
- There is also a Blackout Poetry Tumblr blog
- Newspaper Blackout