Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review: 'Touch of Power' by Maria V. Snyder

Enter a world ripped apart by plague where the very people who might offer hope to the populous are hunted.  Avry of Kazan is a Healer, able to fix injury and cure illness with the touch of her hand.  But this gift is not without a price and each injury or sickness she heals in another taked upon herself.  After being caught and waiting for her dawn execution she is "rescued" by a band of rogues intent on using her gift to heal their king, the only man who they believe can stand against the darkness spreading in the wake of the plague.  Avery had met this king and is not convinced he is worth healing.  But as enemies grow in number, dangers abound and friendships are forged, Avry begins to question her conviction and wonder at the truth.  Can peace be achieved?  Is the chance for peace worth her life?

Snyder's ninth book is as alluring and captivating as the Lilies found in her Fifteen Kingdoms.  This novel as an epic fantasy quality to is yet manages to remain grounded in emotion and character interaction.  Her world is a fascinating blend of beauty and danger, magic and politics with a cast of characters that will win the hearts of readers.  This book is marketed as an adult fantasy/romance, but certainly has wide YA appeal for fantasy readers.  Highly recommended.
Book Source: Local Library
Reviewer: Rebecca
Recommended Ages: 14+ Some violence and political manuvering

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