Thursday, January 12, 2012

Recent Read: High School of the Dead Vol. 1 & 3

Ditch High School of the Dead,
read Zombie Loan instead.

I recently came across High School of the Dead in my library and, intrigued by the cover, sat down to read the two volumes checked in [volumes 1 & 3].  The first volume has promise and starts with a bang as students barricade themselves at the top of the high school's observatory (no explanation as to why a high school has an observatory).  Why the barricade?  Because in two hours the walking and rather vicious dead have taken over the town.  As with many manga the reader must take the premise with minimal question, however this one stretches the limits of my willful suspension of disbelief.
Gore, pantie shots, and women drawn to look like they have footballs hidden in their bras abound.  In many ways the drawing reminds me of something you would see in hentai featuring a tentacle monster.  And the plot (such as it is) leaves much to be desired.
Score = 1 Star
Overall not worth reading.  If you're looking for good zombie manga check out Zombie Loan.