Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pinocchio...Vampire Slayer?

Everyone knows the story of the Pinocchio the wooden puppet that wanted to be a “real boy”.  But Disney never got his hands on this part of the tale.  Vampires roam Italy haunting small villages and causing strings of “mysterious disappearances”.  Geppetto has been murdered by these vampires leaving Pinocchio to protect the disbelieving villagers.  The wooden boy is aided by Master Cherry, an aged (and somewhat arthritic) Blue Fairy and the ghost of a well-intentioned but very annoying cricket Pinocchio stomped upon long ago. 

Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer uses limited color to convey the dark nature of the story as well as highlight action, bad guys and important plot points.  The overall effect is of a dark, monochromatic Italy shot through with bursts of violence. Though the general tone of the novel is rather Grimm, there are certain moments of hilarity throughout this graphic novel such as when Pinocchio tells outrageous lies to make his nose grow only to break of the end of his nose, employing it as a stake to kill vampires.  (At which point I burst out laughing while reading.)
Pinocchio returns to his roots in this much darker and more interesting than is typically recounted fairy-tale revamp. Readers be prepared for action, humor, vampire slaying galore and an unexpected twist that will leave you shocked and desperately awaiting the second installation.

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