Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Give a Book, Save a Life

The following was sent to a colleague of mine, Lisa Osur the Library Media Specialist at 
Holley Central School District, by one of her students. THIS is why we do what we do.

Here you are,
Surrounded by books,
That make my day.
I read these stories,
Get lost in their pages,
Find joy in the simplest of things,
My message here to you is…

“Books are my family,
My friends,
And I disappear inside them,
To escape the people who insisted,
I disappear for real.”

Books saved me from bullies,
And you gave me those books,
That saved me,
That saved my life,
Thank you.
I only ask one thing of you,
Pass this poem on,
Give it to your family,
Your friends,
Anyone who will listen.
Post in on a website,
Just as long as the message is heard.
Books saved my life from bullying.
Give a book,
Save a life.
- Anonymous Student

When you get discouraged, when you get frustrated, when you wonder why you bother;
remember this poem and remember the lives you've impacted that you will never know about.

Special thanks to Lisa for sharing this poem and passing it on to the rest of us.