Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Program: DIY Spa Day

This program is great for a Mother's Day program or just a Pamper Yourself day.  Supplies are easy to acquire and most of these activities are easy to complete in a short amount of time.

Sugar scrubs are a great alternative to salt scrubs and leave your skin feeling polished and indulgently soft. Scents can range from commonplace to exotic. To use a sugar scrub, first stir the mixture to redistribute the oil then scoop a small section into hands. Scrub together then wash off with running water. Pat dry.

8oz Wide Mouth Mason Jars
Oil (my preferences are safflower, olive or coconut oil)
Sugar (LOTS)
Essential Oil(s)
Fabric squares (I prefer the pre-cut quilt squares)
Wooden Taster Spoons (you can get these online for cheap)

The general rule is two parts sugar to one part oil. Place sugar and oil (2:1) in a mason jar and stir well. The mixture should be the consistency of wet sand. Add 4-6 drops of essential oil (depending on how fragrant you want the mixture to be). Put on the mason jar's cap (that flat circular bit) and place a quilt square over the cap. Slip a piece of twine about 6 inches long through the band (the part of the lid that screws on) and carefully screw the lid closed. Using that bit of twine tie a Taster Spoon onto the jar and finish off with a bow. Voila!

Toss one of these into a bath for the ultimate spa experience. Basically, you turn your entire tub into a pot of tea and soak away your troubles!

Large sealing tea bags (I get mine from Herb Affair)
Mixing bowls
Flat Iron (like used on hair) or an Iron or Ironing Board - I've found the flat iron easiest.
Resealable Plastic Bags (You can use lunch sacks, but I prefer the 4x6 clear plastic jewelry bags)
Epsom Salt
Dried Lavender (I get mine from Herb Affair)
Dried Chamomile
Dried Lemon Balm
Lavender Essential Oil

The ratio for this mix is: 1.5c Epsom Salt to 1c. Dried Lavender to 1/2c. Dried Chamomile to 3/4c. Dried Lemon Balm.  Quantities needed for this mix with depend on the number of teens attending.  Mix salt and herbs in a large mixing bowl. Open a tea pouch and fill three-quarters full. Use the flat iron to seal the open edge of the tea pouch.

Don't waste your money on those expensive faux sponges at the store! Slip your favorite bar of soap inside one of these for a sudsy good time.


Can be found here at One Good Thing by Jillee.

There are TONS of DIY Spa instructions online. Take a look and see what will work for you and your library/school.