Friday, January 10, 2014

Update: 20 Crafting Books for Teens that Libraries Should Own

Crafting is a way to let your teens physically express their individuality and imagination.  Below is my updated list of craft books that I think should be in every library's nonfiction for teens.

Stray Sock Sewing: Making One of a Kind Creatures from Socks

by Daniel

From the Publisher:
Great for beginning sewers - includes basic techniques and simple projects that are fun, fast and unique. Stray Sock Sewing is a lovable Asian-flavored craft book that blends how-to projects with a whimsical narrative. Readers will learn how to make odd and endearing one-of-a-kind creatures from a variety of sock styles. Eight step-by-step projects are easy enough for beginners, yet so adorable advanced crafters will be eager to make their own cuddly toys.

ISBN: 978-1600611995
Price: $19.99

A Greener Christmas

by Sheherazade Goldsmith

This book, while Christmas themed, contains DIY projects  that are easy to adapt for YA Programming. A Greener Christmas contains projects from mulling spice recipes to simple sewing projects.

ISBN: 978-0756636937
Price: Varies

The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2

by Mark Montano

From the Publisher:
With his trademark humor and no-holds-barred approach to crafting, Mark will have you tapping into your creative soul and taking simple techniques to a whole new level in no time. We’re not talking plant-hangers and potholders here—the more than 150 handmade projects in this truly unique compendium are artistic, eye-catching, and cutting-edge, from cool brooches and earrings to ingenious belts and bags, from Bauhaus-style furniture to fishbowl lanterns, and so much more!

ISBN: 978-1451627800
Price: $19.99

The Big-Ass Book of Crafts

by Mark Montano

From the Publisher:
TLC's While You Were Out top designer Mark Montano has created stylish and imaginative projects that range from a Warhol-esque Ultrasuede iPod case to photo-adorned boxer shorts to African mask patio chairs to wooden night-light boxes. Divided into sections... it's as entertaining to read as it is endlessly inspiring. With more than one hundred and fifty inventive and fun projects, The Big-Ass Book of Crafts is the perfect activity book for readers of every mood, budget, and skill level.

ISBN: 978-1416937852
Price: $19.95

The Big-Ass Book of Bling

by Mark Montano

From the Publisher:
From punk to retro, from bobby pins to safety pins, with more than 150 projects there’s something for everyone, whether you want to glam it up Hollywood-style or go ultra-sophisticated like a newly crowned princess.

ISBN: 978-1451685282
Price: $19.99

Generation T: Beyond Fashion: 120 New Ways to Transform a T-shirt

by Megan Nicolay

From the Publisher:
A collection of 120 projects for every occasion, it takes the humble yet ever-malleable tee in dozens of new directions—from baby gifts to pet accessories, stuff for the home, the car, the road, the boyfriend. The rallying cry is: Don't buy; DIY. The result is hip, imaginative, crafty, and very green. There's a basic primer on techniques—knotting, sewing, braiding, lacing—plus a full tutorial on embellishing. Projects range from the simplest no-sew to intermediate, and all have easy-to-follow illustrated directions—plus, how to throw your own Tee Party.

ISBN: 978-0761154105
Price: $15.95

Zombie Felties: How to Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures from the Undead

by Nicola Tedman and Sarah Skeate

From the Publisher:
With only the most basic of sewing skills, crafters can raise their own macabre multitude of Zombie Feltie creations from the undead with an average construction time of less than one hour per pattern. Each design includes a full-color photograph of the finished project, as well as an illustrated, instructional overview, pattern diagrams, and a convenient list of everything needed to complete the project.

ISBN: 978-0740797644
Price: $14.99

AlternaCrafts: 20+ Hi-Style Lo-Budget Projects to Make

by Jessica Vitkus

From the Publisher:
With an emphasis on recycling, improvising, and making things from scratch, AlternaCrafts offers more than 20 projects that provide this newest generation of crafters with the skills they need for the self-expression they crave. Whether they want to turn their beat-up T-shirts into a shaggy rug, an old sweater into a cozy hat, yesterday's newspaper into a bouquet of flowers, or their jeans into a new skirt or bag, this exciting book tells them how to make the transformations with a minimal amount of money and no experience whatsoever. Smartly priced and boldly designed to attract teenagers and twentysomethings, this book will also appeal to older crafters seeking newfangled twists on their favorite pastimes.

ISBN: 978-1584794569
Price: Varies

Eco Craft: Recycle Recraft Restyle

by Susan Wasinger

From the Publisher:
These days we're all seeking creative ways to protect our planet. "Eco Craft" delivers the goods in style with 30 truly beautiful home decor projects that elevate environmental consciousness to inspiring new heights. Every idea is amazingly clever: who would ever have imagined that plastic six-pack can holders could become a chic Moorish-inspired filigree tri-fold screen? Or that glass baby-food jars would make a charming candle chandelier? Every project features at least one beauty shot in a modern home setting and handy icons spotlight key techniques, materials and the estimated time to complete each one. Who knew taking care of the planet could look so good?

ISBN: 978-1600598234
Price: $19.95

Ductigami: The Art of the Tape

by Joe Wilson

From the Publisher:
In this instructive, entertaining and downright funny how-to book, Joe Wilson shows how to rip, cut and fold ordinary duct tape to make 18 amazing projects, including: Wallet, Barbecue apron, Lunchbox, Tool belt, Cell phone holder, Baseball cap, TV chair caddy, Raingear for pets, Toilet roll cover, Halloween masks.

ISBN: 978-1550464290
Price: $14.95

Sockology: 16 New Sock Creatures, Cute & Cuddly...Weird & Wild

by Brenna Maloney

From the Publisher:
The author of best-selling Socks Appeal is back with a new posse of cute creatures! In this sequel book Sockology, you are encouraged to take it one step further with slightly more complex construction and endless inspiration. From a lovable jointed bear and fluffy sheep to a quirky many-eyed alien, these 16 projects will surely keep you entertained (and challenged) for hours. Don't worry, detailed hand drawn templates are included to guide you every step of the way.

ISBN: 978-1607054078
Price: $17.95

Just Duct Tape It!

by Leisure Arts and Patti Wallenfang

From the Publisher:
Teens have embraced this hot trend and will go ga-ga for this creative guide to crafting with duct tape. More than 25 projects for gals and guys include wallets, jewelry, locker decor, flowers, and more.

ISBN: 978-1464701559
Price: $9.95

The Joy of Zentangle: Drawing Your Way to Increased Creativity, Focus, and Well-Being

by  Suzanne McNeill CZT , Sandy Steen Bartholomew CZT, & Marie Browning CZT (CZT = Certified Zentangle Teacher)

From the Publisher:
Zentangle® is an easy-to-learn method of pattern drawing that reduces stress while promoting creativity. This book will introduce readers to the basic theory of Zentangle and provide instructions for drawing over 100 tangle patterns from such Certified Zentangle Teachers as Suzanne McNeill, Sandy Steen Bartholomew, and Marie Browning. This beautiful book is filled with examples of Zentangle drawings as well as other art projects and compelling stories from those who have improved their well-being through Zentangle.

ISBN: 978-1574214277
Price: $24.99

The Hipster Librarian's Guide to Teen Craft Projects 2

by Tina Coleman and Peggie Llanes

From the Publisher:
From the authors of the enormously popular Hipster Librarian's Guide to Teen Craft Projects comes an all-new selection of innovative ideas. These projects have been chosen especially to engage tweens and teens and have been field-tested by YA librarian Amy Alessio s Teen Corps, students in grades 6 12 at the Schaumburg Township (IL) Public Library. For maximum fun, this book includes a variety of crafts that make use of recycled and repurposed materials

ISBN: 978-0838911525
Price: $45.00

Junk-Box Jewelry:  25 DIY Low Cost (or No Cost) Jewelry Projects

by Sarah Drew

From the Publisher:
This beautifully illustrated guide shows teens how to create eye-catching jewelry out of found or recycled objects—at very little cost. Some fun projects include making pendants out of pebbles; sewing a stylish cuff using scraps of fabric; and fashioning a funky charm bracelet out of extra screws, washers, and other toolbox trinkets. The easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions are suitable for both beginner- and intermediate-level crafsters. This book also provides bonus tips on the tools you need to get started, where to find materials, and how to make money from your jewelry.

ISBN: 978-0982732267
Price: 14.99

Fantastic Recycled Plastic: 30 Clever Creations to Spark Your Imagination

by  David Edgar and Robin A. Edgar

From the Publisher:
Organized by level of difficulty, the items range from simple creations even a schoolchild can do to a fanciful, rolling biplane and a slithering, jointed serpent stuffed with lids and caps. All the necessary techniques—cutting, shaping, fastening, heat-forming, making tabs—unfold in step-by-step photos, along with clear, comprehensive instructions. Sidebars provide extra information on plastics, recycling, and more.

ISBN: 978-1600593420
Price: $19.95

Sweater Surgery: How to Make New Things with Old Sweaters

by Stefanie Girard

More than 30 projects that show you how to re-purpose old sweaters into hats, toys, pillows and more!  Plus a gallery of 50 more designs to use as inspiration.

ISBN: 978-1592536252
Price: $15.99

Subversive Seamster: Transform Thrift Store Threads Into Street Couture

by Melissa Alvarado  (Author), Hope Meng  (Author), Melissa Rannels  (Author), Matthew Carden (Photographer)

Learn to transform tacky, ratty or outdated clothes into the perfect tops, skirts and accessories! Follow instructions for 30 fabulous projects that even a novice sewer can complete.

ISBN:  978-1561589258
Price: $14.95

Steampunkery: Polymer Clay and Mixed Media Projects

by Christi Friesen

This delightful book is filled with step-by-step, easy to understand instructions on creating fun, steampunk inspired creations using polymer clay and found objects.  Make sure to check out the little steampunk creatures at the back!

ISBN: 978-0980231465
Price: $14.95

Jewelry Making & Beading for Dummies

by Heather Dismore

From the back cover:
Learn to:
  • Master wire wrapping, knotting, and bead stringing
  • Set up the necessities of a jewelry maker's workshop
  • Upcycle found objects for new creations
  • Make easy-to-follow projects

DVD features watch-and-learn episodes to make learning easy

ISBN: 978-1118497821
Price: 24.99