Monday, March 4, 2013

Bookmark: TV Show Read-a-Likes

The Scene:

Teenager: I need a book.

YA Librarian: Okay. What kind of book are you looking for?

Teenager: A good one. I need it for school. Have a report.

YA Librarian: Can you tell me some books that you've enjoyed?

Teenager: O.O (a.k.a. The Blank Look)

YA Librarian: How about TV shows or movies?

Teenager: Oh! Okay. I like Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries & Dexter.

We've all been there...
Now, you may or may not be familiar with the television shows that a teen mentions. When I first heard my teens talking about Teen Wolf I thought they were being "retro" and watching the Michael Fox films from the 1980s.  Enough of them mentioned it that I did decide to watch a couple episodes just to figure out what kind books to recommend when it was mentioned. (I am now a total Teen Wolf geek and have star-crushes on Derek and Stiles. And Jackson.  BTWs it is a FABULOUS show.)  But I digress...

Since it is hard to keep track of all the multitude of television shows your teens may be watching, I've put together a bookmark to help you out:


You can download the image here.  Feel free to use for NON-COMMERCIAL school or library use.