Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Program: Anti-Valentine's Day

Singles-Awareness Day is right around the corner and you are wondering what to do for your teens that doesn't involve saccharine sweetness or lovey-dovey-ness. Or chocolate.  
And what Valentine's Day program isn't romantic? An Anti-Valentine's Day Party!

Craft/Scrapbooking paper in blacks, reds, skull & funerary themes
Glue sticks
Black, silver, red glitter
Anti-Valentine's Day phrases for cards (some funny ones here and here)
Black and grey streamers & balloons (optional)
"Blackened Heart Cookies"*
Sour Patch Kids
Heart-Shaped Pinata & candy to stuff (optional)
Broom stick wrapped in black streamers (when using pinata)
Non-Romantic movie (shorter is better)
Non-Romantic (or down-right tragic) books to display/booktalk

*Add black food coloring to regular sugar cookies, cut into heart shapes & bake

Running the Program:
Set out Anti-Valentine's Card supplies along with snacks.  Play a non-romantic movie while teens are making Anti-Valentine's Cards (this year I'm showing Eight Legged Freaks).  When movie is finished have teens clean up room and put up tables and chairs, then hang pinata.  Have teens use broomstick to hit pinata - make sure that non-stick-swinging teens are FAR BACK from the pinata. Just because it's an Anti-Valentine's Day party doesn't mean they need to end up with a black eye or busted head.