Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Teen Program: Scream-In

One of my most successful programs is the annual Scream-In my library hosts in October.  What, you ask, is a Scream-In?  It is a program adaptable to any library situation and sure to entertain your youth!

For details on my initial Scream-In Program please see the TTR chapter I wrote in 2011.

2012 Ideas Are:
Shadow Pumpkins
Black Oil-Based Paint Pens
Black Puff Paint
Small/Medium White Pumpkins

Directions:  Use paint pens and puff paint to create spooky shadows on small to medium-sized pumpkins.  Print some examples of "spooky eyes", spiders, witches and black cats from the Internet.

Bloody Cupcakes
Cupcakes without icing (If you don't feel like baking, talk to your local grocery store)
White Icing
Red Gel Icing (lots)
Halloween Sprinkles
Plastic knives
Small plates

Give each teen at least one cupcake, a knife and a plate.  Have teens ice cupcakes and decorate with sprinkles.  Then give each teen a tube of the red gel icing and let them go to town.  They can stick the tip of the tubes into the cupcakes to add "blood" inside the cupcake and decorate the outside.