Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: 'MeruPuri' by Matsuri Hino

High School freshman Airi Hoshina has her life goals all set - meet a wonderful boy, get married by 20, have a wonderful, ordinary family. However, when she meets a prince from another dimension, her well-ordered life turns to chaos.

While MeruPuri is fun and light-hearted, there is more than fluff to this manga. Airi is an engaging heroine and Aram is both intriguing and amusing as the hero. The plot is fast-paced but easy to follow and even the secondary characters are well developed. The artwork is amazing! I’m just sad this manga is only four volumes long. A wonderful fantasy rom-com.

Book Source: Local Library
Reviewer: Rebecca

Recommended Ages: 14+ Some sensuality, romantic love

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