Monday, December 26, 2011

So Many Books, So Little Time

Best Book I've Read This Week!
In the past week I've read about 5 books and somehow I still don't feel like I've had enough time to really read. Strange isn't it? Seems like I should be satisfied with that amount of reading - many people would consider 5 books in a week somewhat excessive. :)

But it is odd, since a large part of my job consists of suggesting appropriate titles to a wide variety of both teen and adult readers I sometimes feel like there is consistent pressure to have a book in hand. Especially for YA materials.  In my branch I am the only person who works with teens (programming, readers advisory, etc) and I try to stay on top of new YA titles coming into the system.  Since another part of my job is materials selection and working on professional committees (Spirit of Texas High School Reading Program) I also attempt to keep up with new releases, upcoming releases and continuations of series.  Reading could easily be a full-time job for me!  [And one I'd like better some days if I could just read, suggest books and run programs.]

What is it that a YA Librarian is supposed to do with an infinite number of books and a finite amount of time?!